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Alpaca Talk

Understanding Alpaca Behavior 
A Multimedia Textbook on a CD

Alpaca Talk: Understanding Alpaca Behavior. Multimedia Textbook on a CD. By Cathy Spalding

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Created and written by Cathy Spalding
Designed and built by Craig Spalding

Alpaca Talk is a comprehensive
textbook and behavioral guide on an
easy-to-use CD-ROM.

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A "must know" for optimum training success
with alpacas and llamas

Positioning is used most every day in nearly every arena. To position ourselves means to place ourselves in the appropriate and most advantageous place known to us for the desired results. Advertising agencies have conducted extensive research regarding the most successful positioning of ads. We position ourselves for the best views when attending various events. We use positioning in building our homes, in the arrangement of our furniture, in where we hang our paintings and in the location of our gardens. Positioning is critical in the sports world. It can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Without knowledge of the proper positioning of the sails, a sailor may stall or even capsize his sailboat. Proper positioning by a captain flying an airliner full of passengers could literally make the difference between life and death. We use positioning when sunbathing, at parties and when pointing a telescope to the heavens. Positioning has long been a strategy in battle - position the guns, position the troops... and, of course, in politics!

More about how Positioning applies to llama and alpaca behavior and training.

What Sounds Do Alpacas Make?

Go Here to hear these vocalizations:

  1. Alpaca Alarm Call

  2. Alpaca Scream and Alarm Call

  3. Alpaca Mom and Baby

  4. Alpaca Breeding Orgle with Baby in Background

  5. Humm From A Concerned Alpaca

  6. Screech From An Unhappy Alpaca

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