Gentle Spirit Clinics, Presentations, Private Training, and Youth Days


Cathy teach at a Gentle Spirit Behavior and Trainiing Clinic, Purston Manor, England

Attending and Hosting

I do my best in each and every venue to encourage and assist each participant in building skills and personal confidence in themselves -- that we can all think, make sound choices and interact with our animals in a skilled way. To get there, we just need the information, understanding, practice and. belief in ourselves. Change can happen but only if we are aware that there are, indeed, other possibilities.

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I am often asked to participate at national conferences and local association gatherings as keynote speaker as well as to present workshops and demonstrations. This can be arranged for a specific event or in conjunction with a clinic in your area.

If you are interested in arranging a Presentation send me an email or see my Contact Cathy page for my phone number and mailing address We can talk more about what you would like to do.



Private Training Youth Days

Cathy teaching a youth class llama behavior and training

I am invited by many llama and alpaca farms and ranches across North America to conduct private behavior and training clinics for themselves, their family, any staff and often their veterinarian.

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I am very supportive of youth and conduct numerous youth, 4H and FFA llama and alpaca clinics both at local county fairs and at private farms across North America. More About Youth Days

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