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I sincerely appreciate the many phone calls and emails I receive from around the world regarding herd management and behavioral difficulties with alpacas and llamas. I wish I were able to immediately respond to each and every one. Unfortunately, the volume of requests makes that impossible.

Many consultation requests require a good bit of initial time to mutually identify and review behaviors, background and put together a "lesson plan." While I am most happy to do this, it has become necessary for me to ask for donations for email and telephone consultations. Upon satisfactory completion of the consultation please consider sending a donation that is fair for all concerned.

How to Request a Consultation

The most efficient way to begin a consultation is to send me an email which provides lots of detail concerning your question.

Depending upon the nature of the question, it may be necessary to talk by telephone to complete the consultation. If so, I'll let you know right away!

Email me at:

Please make the Subject line read - CONSULTATION REQUEST.


Donate using PayPal:


Donations by check and money order:

Make checks payable to Cathy Spalding and mail to:

Cathy Spalding
5725 78th Ave NE
Olympia, WA 98516


It is impossible to guarantee results through any consultation. Experience reminds me that a great deal of the ultimate resolution lies in our own personal willingness and commitment towards understanding and change within our own behaviors and environments. Should you truly be unhappy with a consultation, I will happily refund your donation.


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we see things as we are.

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