This is a picture of the Vocalizations chapter from ALPACA TALK. It is for demonstration only and has been compressed for displaying on this web page. ALPACA TALK will display on your monitor with a display resolution of 800 x 600. The same size this web site is designed to display on your monitor.

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This is the "Humming" Chapter in the "Vocalizations" Section of the book. The left side of the reading pane is scrollable text, just like on a web site. Across the top of the pane, the words in blue, are links to the other chapters in the the "Vocalizations" Section. The name of the chapter you are reading shows in gray. To listen to the audio recordings use the "On", "Off", and "Volume" buttons. It's very simple and quite entertaining!

The buttons on the bottom of the reading pane take you to the "Introduction", "Table of Contents", and "Appendix". The "Print" button prints the chapter and pictures you are currently viewing. "To Web Site" connects to the Gentle Spirit Behavior & Training web site and "Close" closes the book.

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