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Gentle Adjustable Halter

As obligate nasal breathers, alpacas and llamas share a unique skull structure which requires them to breathe primarily through their nose in order to sustain life over the long term. The Gentle Adjustable Halter for llamas and alpacas has been designed by Cathy Spalding with this fact in mind. Halters are manufactured by Quality Llama Products.

To learn more about alpaca and llama anatomy and best halter fit see the article: Head and Halters

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The Gentle Adjustable Halter by Cathy Spalding
  • Rings on each side of the noseband allow movement of the cheek pieces for a very balanced and comfortable fit.
  • The side rings on the noseband additionally allow for a wide range of training possibilities
  • Lead ring fixed at throat for maximum control
  • Smaller size made of 5/8 nylon
  • Larger llama sizes made of 3/4 nylon

Sizing Information

  • Small fits adult alpacas and young llamas
  • Medium fits yearling to average llamas
  • Large fits average to extra large llamas
Alpaca wearing the Gentle Adjustable Halter
Llama wearing the Gentle Adjustable Halter

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