Alpaca Cocos Island Australia


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Air Freshener Ad. Dazy Spray Air Freshener

This silk pictures a llama with the Chilean flag in the background. It is part of a 1915 national flags and emblems series issued by the Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada.

A Key Towards Resolution May Literally..."Hang in the Balance"

Berserk or Aberrant Behavior Syndrome

Breaking Down a Difficult Behavioral Issue

Catch Me If You Can

Do Camelids Have Memories?

Ear Fear

Feeling Guilty? Don't be so hard on yourself...

Feeling The Loss

Heads and Halters

Hearing Our Herd

Into The Future and Back

Montana Large Animal Sanctuary - January 2011

Positioning - A must know for optimum success with alpacas and llamas

Stamps 'n Things

Starting Alpaca and Llama Crias

Stressed Out? You’re Not Alone… And Neither Are The Alpacas & Llamas!

Taking Your Cues From Alpacas and Llamas

Those TAILS Can Tell TALES

Today's Youth Carry Our Dreams into Tomorrow

Weaning Alpaca and Llama Cria - Whose Baby Is This, Anyway?

When To Hold 'Em and When Best To Fold 'Em - Alpaca and llama spitting behavior

Who Has Worry Wrinkles Besides Me??

Will "The Lifestyle" Continue?

Winter Wear